Spicefire Smoke Signals: Volume 1

Make way for Gen Z

Gen Z is the next group of spenders, decision makers and influencers.

This cohort is massive and influential. In the U.S. alone, there are 65 million of them. By 2020, Generation Z will account for 40% of all consumers in the U.S. While much attention has been focused on Millenials, Gen Z and their unique values, experiences, beliefs and behaviors have been evolving. It’s time for brands to start paying attention to this powerful generation.
Pablo Picasso, The Bull Series, 1945
Every generation has a defining cause. Growing up in a time of global recession, “war on terror”, social media, cultural movements for gender, sexual and racial equality rights, this cohort defines their leading cause as human equality. The Boomers were anti-establishment. Millennials fought for environmental improvements. Gen Z demands equality for every human. And that’s just the beginning.
Gen Z is more pragmatic, entrepreneurial, mobile and fluid than any consumer we have seen. Like every generation, the events they have experienced during their lives shaped their beliefs, values, and viewpoints on the world. These generational value shifts require a change in how brands interact with this increasingly influential cohort. Is your brand prepared for Gen Z?

At Spicefire, we build brands to move people. And to move people, we must understand them on a deep, emotional level. We continuously study the changing attitudes and behaviors of people; utilizing trends and cultural shifts as part of our strategic process to find true insights and create meaningful work. Now we want to share some of those insights with you — welcome to our new quarterly culture report, Smoke Signals.

Smoke signals represent the oldest form of communication. Rooted in fire, the essential element of human life, smoke signals have brought down dynasties, indicated leadership, and communicated codes throughout human history. We hope our Smoke Signals spark new opportunities for your own brand.


Maggie Parkhouse

Group Director of Design

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