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Winning the Name Game: Unleashing the Power of Strategic Brand Naming

Navigating trademark saturation in a crowded category

Have you ever struggled to name a new product or brand, only to feel like your ideas are constantly getting rejected due to trademark saturation? You’re not alone! The art of naming is about much more than finding a creative and catchy way to communicate your proposition. It requires linguistic acrobatics – the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct language in innovative ways that haven’t been done before (at least not in your category).


Cristina Ferrari

Senior Strategy Director
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Finding the right name matters, it plays an important role in a brand ecosystem. Strategic names have the power to boost brand recognition, drive trial, create buzz and keep your brand top of mind. That’s one of the reasons why coming up with and choosing just one brand name can feel like such a daunting, high-pressure task. But a name is far from the only tool in a brand’s arsenal. At Spicefire, we understand that a brand’s name is just one piece of a broader brand ecosystem. By leveraging interconnected touchpoints—both tangible and intangible—we can shape a brand’s presence, perception, and connection with consumers. A name or word alone isn’t enough – it’s what we do to imbue the name with unique significance, association and meaning that matters most.

We believe in taking a holistic approach to naming, strategically considering how it fits within the context of the broader brand ecosystem. Not only does this approach forge strong emotional connections with people, it’s also been proven to give brands a better chance at finding available trademarks. Let’s delve into some of the brand names we’ve crafted and explore why they are successful.

Effective Brand Naming

Each & Every logo on bar of soap

Each & Every

A personal care brand with products crafted from nature, for the care of each & every human. We chose this name because it was a double (or multi) entendre, allowing us to highlight key elements of the brand story in conversational ways:
  • Each & every ingredient matters.
  • We exist so that each & every person can feel good about the products they use on their body.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards – each & every detail counts.
Foxen logo on blue background with buildings


Formerly Oxford Insurance, this startup was created to protect property managers and owners from unnecessary risk. We wanted a name that was intuitively smart, clever and agile. Foxen speaks to the performance of instinctive tech and real-time solutions that give power to property owners with smart, fast and simple renter’s insurance.
Shortlist products on a coral pink background


For this new to world skin care brand, we crafted a name that reflected products formulated with zero fillers, delivering optimal potency and proven anti-aging benefits. We built a brand foundation rooted in a less is more approach to beauty for women who make discerning, thoughtful choices. The Shortlist name transparently brings this to life — speaking to her desire for iconic beauty that’s effortless, without a laundry list of chemicals.
So if playing the ‘name game’ can feel like the ‘Hunger Games,’ remember it goes beyond a catchy moniker. It involves considering the broader brand ecosystem, where a well-crafted name supported by a holistic brand strategy can forge true connections with people. This comprehensive approach increases the likelihood of finding available trademarks and we’re here to help ensure that ‘the odds are ever in your favor.’

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