From Buyers to Believers: 8 Ways to Build Brand Devotion

The journey of transforming buyers into believers isn't just reserved for the chosen few—it's a shift open to any brand willing to dig deep and try new ways to forge connections. In Part 1 we shared how brand devotees think, feel and speak about the brands they love and what they expect from them. Today, we share a blueprint for how to achieve unwavering devotion, revealing what it takes to transform customers into enthusiasts. It's a journey that begins with understanding and amplifying the core values that pulse through your customers' veins. As we dive into each of the eight principles, you'll find that these are not lofty ideals reserved for the elite, but tangible steps within your reach:

01: Align with Their Values

It’s simple really – people love brands that love the same things they do. Exceptional brands have a unique ability to reflect the values of their customers, making them feel understood and supported. Whether it's environmental consciousness, a blind devotion to Queen Bey, or simply a promise to ‘show love and respect to all people at every interaction’ like Subaru, the resonance of shared values is a powerful force that can unite consumers and brands.

02: Ignite Creativity

Helping people unleash their creative potential and bring their visions to life solidifies a partnership that lasts. Think of your brand as a catalyst for imaginative exploration, inspiring customers to tap into individual creativity they might not have known they possessed. Nugget knows that to the kids they serve, they’re far more than couch cushions—truly ‘anything you can imagine.’

03: Deliver an Experience

Successful brands understand that an exceptional product is just the starting point. By offering an experience, they elicit emotion and create a lasting impression that lingers long after the initial interaction. This holistic approach ensures that consumers become advocates for the brand itself, not just its product offerings. Trader Joe’s turns every shopping trip into a delightfully fun time with small surprises along the way.

04: Connect Fans

Everyone seeks community on some level. The most revered brands deliver this in different ways. By connecting like-minded consumers who passionately live and breathe the brand’s ethos, brands solidify their relationship and create bonds that are difficult to break. XBOX connects millions of gamers globally in ever-evolving ways: digital tournaments, subscription models, and events like FanFest.

05: Fuel Progress, Together

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? People are drawn to the idea of massive category disruption, of banding together, united against “the man” to forge a new, better way of doing things. Whether you are an emerging startup or a legacy brand, you can forge a sense of camaraderie by inviting consumer’s in to help you innovate and shake up the status quo. Warby Parker’s success stems from a core principle: stop people from getting ripped off.

06: Make for Them

Going beyond superficial personalization, brands with loyal devotees exhibit a profound understanding of their customers' needs, desires, and aspirations. Their products and services feel tailor-made, addressing specific pain points and desires in ways that resonate deeply with the consumer's individuality. Hims & Hers nails it because they realized there are some things people just don’t want to talk about – with anyone.

07: Confidence First

A palpable aura of confidence and swagger defines these brands with unwavering devotion. They radiate a strong belief in the value they bring to their customers' lives and this confidence is infectious, instilling a sense of trust and assurance. The result is product superiority that feels bigger than a list of features and benefits, because it’s tied to something real and authentic, like a mission or lifestyle. Yeti’s product superiority is the stuff of legends, but its storytelling is the real star.

08: Dream Big

Set the bar high and refuse to be confined by limits or convention. Don’t be afraid to take risks. It’s a healthy combination of confidence, human insight, vulnerability and ‘get it done’ attitude that accelerates growth and fosters brand devotion. Brands that dream big inspire customers to do the same, instilling a spirit of courage and ambition to ‘go big’ in their own lives. AirBnb imagined a world beyond hotels and their ‘ask forgiveness later’ mindset has made them wildly successful and too big to fail.
Images via  Subaru, BMW
Images via Yeti, Igloo
Images via Airbnb, Hilton
By embracing these principles, brands can aim to achieve the kind of devotion that supersedes rational thought and forges unbreakable emotional bonds with their consumers.


Cristina Ferrari

Senior Strategy Director
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