The Challenge

Bringing cooks the purest possible flavor for over 126 years, McCormick knows that quality herbs and spices can transform meals into the stuff memories are made of. One key driver of that quality is freshness, and McCormick and Spicefire set out to discover how to conveniently deliver herbs more freshly to cooks in their own kitchens.

The Story

Our end-to-end process began with consumer understanding, trend forecasting and process deconstruction, all inspiring a collaborative ideation session that netted 100+ ideas for new product offerings focused on delivering fresh flavor. We then narrowed, co-created with consumers, designed, prototyped and engineered lead ideas until we had them just right.

Key Capabilities

Trends & Insights, Concept Development, Industrial Design

The Result

Through a comprehensive exploration and development process, we created McCormick’s newest product offering: the Fresh Herb Grinder. The first commercially-available device of its kind, this innovative new package launched in late 2015 enables cooks everywhere to treat their taste buds to fresh herbs in all their favorite recipes.


Exploring form language and mechanics

Final Product

Fresh herbs chopped right as you cook


Designing the interior structure and movement

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