Each & Every


Each & Every

Meeting consumer needs, naturally.

Deodorant has faced scrutiny from consumers asking hard questions about ingredients, sourcing and manufacturing.
We helped create a new natural deodorant brand that lives up to the high standards of today’s natural consumer.
Each & Every is built on the belief that ingredients matter—each and every one. Our work with Each & Every tells a story of transparency and craft in a beautiful, compelling way.

Within the first year of launch, E&E experienced over a 500% monthly revenue increase and shows no signs of slowing as key retailers are added and influencers fall ever more in love. Since launching with deodorant, we’ve helped the brand expand its offerings into fragrance, shampoo and hand sanitizer, with potential for more to come.
Brand Positioning / Digital & Social Assets / Naming / New Brand Creation / Package Design / Photography Strategy and Production / Visual Identity
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