The Challenge

3D printing technology is disrupting industries worldwide, offering faster manufacturing and prototyping abilities than ever before. Cincinnati Incorporated, maker of BAAM – an innovative and market-leading large scale 3D-printing device – partnered with us to leverage design strategy to increase awareness of the printer and drive sales for the company on the national stage.

The Story

Spicefire’s creative and strategy teams explored four integrated design strategies, each highlighting the unique performance attributes and unique benefits of the BAAM technology. Exploration not only included redesigning the printer itself, but also creating specific assets the brand can apply across touchpoints to make a lasting impression.

Key Capabilities

Brand Identity and Design, Brand Activation, Industrial Design

The Result

Cincinnati Incorporated’s BAAM technology continues to lead the trend-forward industry, and now has the look to match. The newly-created assets we developed have inspired a holistic look for the brand’s entire lineup of printers and machinery, bolstering Cincinnati Incorporated’s leadership and promote its innovative offerings.

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