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I had an anxious moment the other week, sitting in my home, working and wondering what am I doing to really help during the COVID-19 crisis? I was overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and the strong desire to do something (beyond the obvious social distancing). Most of us want to help more. People in the medical profession have a clear role; in fact a serious and very important role. But how could I, a designer, brand expert and innovator, help?

A friend of mine, James Sommerville, must have had the same thought. Luckily, he took action and rallied a global community of creatives to respond in the way we communicate best — through design. He developed a platform where simple messages with big meaning can be shared. HelpByDesign became the campaign, and its impact is growing daily in the social landscape now. I immediately raised my hand on behalf of our Spicefire creative team. If you go to our social feed, you can already see the posts populating. Each one, even if the message is serious, makes me smile because of the beauty and ingenuity behind the design. You must check it yourself in our feed @gospicefire or the broader community @unknown_unknown. Honestly, this exercise not only brought something to the community but also gave my team a small but meaningful way to feel helpful when many of us feel helpless.

I love the quote, “Design is thinking made visual,” by Saul Bass. It’s a classic from a veteran in our industry that fits this context perfectly. Beyond that, I believe design can also add significance and emotion to any message. It allows us to relate to words at a more human level. We can truly move people with design.

I’ll conclude with a big thank you to James and all the creatives that are participating in HelpByDesign. Keep it going . . .

For more updates: https://theblog.adobe.com/helpbydesign-coronavirus-inspired-artwork/?sdid=JM4FWCDB&mv=search


Maggie Parkhouse

Group Director of Design

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