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Beyond the Work

We are a group of talented people, who bring imagination and innovation, not just to our work but also to our community.


Our team can’t just stop being awesome when the workday is done. From artists with their own gallery spaces, community service board members, public radio volunteers, and musicians to inventors, they bring vision and passion to personal projects that make a difference.


We’re passionate about using our talents not just to solve problems for brands but for the community we live in as well. Proud to be a part of the revival of Cincinnati, we’re committed to investing with our hearts, minds and time to help our city be even more amazing.

Our Neighborhood

It’s easy to be energized when you are surrounded by innovators, entrepreneurs and difference-makers here in Over-The-Rhine. We can't help but feel lucky to be right in the heart of it all.

Murals of Cincinnati

Findlay Market

Taft's Ale House

Washington Park


The murals located throughout much of downtown are a visual source of inspiration for our team. Telling the stories of Cincinnati’s history, they’re also a reminder of the creative culture alive in our city. The Cincinnati Strongman is just one example of the incredible feats of mankind that take place here every day.


You’ll often find us browsing the unique and bustling aisles at lunchtime seeking a tasty snack, a last-minute handmade gift, or even a bolt of inspiration for a project. A hit with employees and clients alike, we know we’ll always discover something unique when we visit our favorite market.


Reclaiming a forgotten city treasure in the abandoned St. Paul’s Church, the team of big dreamers at Taft’s Ale House created a grand and awe-inspiring space. Taft brews some of the city’s most talked about craft beers and serves delicious sliders too. It’s the perfect spot for happy hours or team gatherings.


From yoga classes, concerts, to the world-famous Lumenocity festival, Washington Park is a constant source of inspiration and entertainment. It’s a place that brings people together from all walks of life and connects us with our community. It’s the cornerstone of the transformation of our neighborhood and a beautiful reminder of how far our city has come.