Sears Optical

The Challenge

Choosing glasses is seen by most as a chore. There are an overwhelming amount of options, prices are confusing, they’re really expensive and most of all, it’s not something most people are excited to wear every day. How could we make the experience a little less painful…maybe even pleasant? We partnered with Sears Optical to rethink the optical experience.

The Story

We started with understanding our shopper and what is motivating to them. What are the challenges they’re facing today? What’s their ideal experience and how could we get closer to that? We created a new foundation for Sears Optical built on the idea that Sears Optical treats you like family. For a consumer who often feels overlooked, overwhelmed or even invisible at other retailers, this resonated.

Key Capabilities

Brand Identity & Design, Environmental Design, Brand Activation

The Result

Then we set to work bringing it to life. Creating not just a new brandmark, but also an entire visual identity that communicated the strategy in a warm, compelling and unique way. Spanning all consumer touchpoints from communication to in-store navigation and merchandising, the new identity welcomes consumers with open arms while creating a fresh, modern take on a trusted brand.


From logo to web to print collateral, we took it from the ground up


Personal and relatable while bringing in real life moments

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