Henny Penny

The Challenge

As our world rapidly changes, the food landscape is evolving as well. People are demanding more and more from restaurants and grocers – more options, more transparency, better ingredients and authentic experiences. How could Henny Penny, a brand famous for exceptional frying equipment stretch into new territory as the food landscape changes?

The Story

Looking to understand not just what the consumers of today are seeking, but what the trends for tomorrow will bring, we worked with Henny Penny to craft a strategy for future growth. Bringing their strong equity in performance, quality and service together with a deeper understanding of their end user, we uncovered multiple pathways for innovation that reimagine the future of the company.

Key Capabilities

Trends & Insights, Pipeline Innovation, Concept Development

The Result

Through immersive workshops influenced by insights, experts and trends, we ideated with the Henny Penny team to generate countless product and business extension ideas. But the art of strategically selecting which ones were right for the Henny Penny brand and crafting a growth strategy for development is what ensures this brand’s continued success far into the future.


Branching out and brainstorming new cooking technologies


Examining real-world scenarios to see what on-the-go chefs really need

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