The Story

Through our long-term partnership with Henkel, we have created exciting new futures for over 15 brands spanning categories such as Laundry, Home and Beauty Care. We’ve worked together to create insightful consumer profiles, strategic brand foundations and narratives, impactful package design, and innovative concept and product development.

The Result

Interacting with every touchpoint for individual brands, we’ve crafted unique and holistic experiences that connect with consumers and tell a story at shelf and beyond. Often, the results speak for themselves; such as the strategic brand redesign that resulted in a 10% lift in sales for Renuzit.

The Result

This relationship is a true example of the power of collaboration and shared vision and we’re proud to have impacted real, positive change for so many of these brands.


Brand Redesign & Form Innovation


Brand Strategy & Activation

Purex Crystals

Brand Strategy & Brand Redesign

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