The Challenge

The need to create and connect are inherent human desires. A company who brings these two things together is tapping into something unique and special. But a great idea is just the beginning; a powerful brand can take it to the next level. And building a brand for a start-up is a truly special and motivating challenge, when the slate is blank and the passion is high.

The Story

We partnered with Gild to create the brand from scratch – from business and investor strategy to consumer definition through to verbal and visual identity. Building from the insight that women need opportunities to gather and connect, we crafted a story that evolved the brand from DIY craft kits to immersive experiences designed to bring women together.

Key Capabilites

Strategy & Positioning, Naming & Verbal Identity, Brand Identity & Design

The Result

Gild Collective is now a fully thriving company whose story is resonating with consumers across the country. In addition to the strategic guidance Spicefire offered, the sophisticated yet playful identity is positioning the brand as something new, different and compelling. We can’t wait to watch this brand grow to new heights!


Research and develop main points of consumer interaction

Real Creation

Explore future avenues for pattern creation

Typography & Gild Icons

Typefaces play a simple role for Gild while the “g” form morphs to match their latest craft endeavors

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